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   Saturday, January 05, 2002  
Heres the page youve been waiting for!!! yes thats right! now all 6 of our loyal fans can see more about us!!! (even tho half of our fans are our girlfriends!!!). here they are in the order they joined the band.

BRANDON (drums)

Brandon is one of the founding members of Risky Business. He writes songs on his crappy yamaha guitar, and writes lyircs in his journal/or palm pilot (cybiko).Brandon wishes he had an Orange County drumset with checkers on it. Instead he has a 4-year-old black TAMA swingstar with with squares of tape all over it to make it checkered. He drives a brown 1982 El Camino with an 8-track player and a 6 cd changer. Brandon had a girlfriend named Melly. She talks about poop a lot.

TRAVIS (guitar)

coming soon....
   posted by Brandon at 8:19 AM


profiles of the band members. our cars, our equpiment, the equipment we want, grandmother's maiden name, history of heart disease in the know the usual.